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Personal Branding

"The Art of individuals marketing themselves and their careers as a brand"

As a small business owner, it is essential to be able to attract your ideal clients. Personal branding helps shape your perceived image and creates the platform for your chosen message. Getting your branding right will ensure you give off the image you intended and get noticed!   

10 years running my own small business and helping others along the way, have equipped me with the skills to provide consultations, understand your brand and deliver a tailor-made personal branding session that authentically captures the essence of you and your work. 


Styled products

showcase your products according to your brand ethos and aesthetic.

Considered product photography that shows off your items' best features, while reinforcing your brand image. A styled photography set could be the perfect option for your website, social media platforms or editorial features. 

Standard e-commerce images may not always be enough. Although they are clean and strong, they can lack interest and personality. In cases where you need to keep peoples' interest, entice them to buy into your brand's ethos or tell a story, you need something more. A styled photography session will allow you to present your products the way you imagine them; in their intended places, grouped into collections, accompanied by complimentary objects. It's product photography with a hint of lifestyle! 

If you're not quite sure of the best way to showcase your products, don't worry! Get in touch to book a consultation and we can work it out together.

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